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Side-load iBox apps on your Android set-top-box

iBox has several Android apps available, which can be side-loaded onto many Android set-top-boxes. This even works on the Amazon Fire TV box/stick, Chromecast with GTV, or TVs running Android TV. Using one of these boxes is a great way to get iBox onto your home TV.


So what does side-loading mean?

If you are an Android user, you will be familiar with the idea of using the Google Play store (or Amazon app store) to find and install apps. However this is not the only way of installing an app to your device. There are several other methods you can use, and collectively these are known as side-loading.

The first thing you need to do is obtain a copy of the app you want to use. Further down this page you will find links to different versions of the iBox Android app. Click on these links to download the apps to your computer. You only need to install one of them.

After you obtain the app, you will need to check that the settings on your device allow apps to be installed from 'unauthorised' sources. You may need to search the Internet for details of where this setting is on your device.

The next step is to move the app from your computer to the Android device and install it (this is the side-loading step). There's lots of information on the Internet (which you can find using Google) that explains how to use the various side-loading methods. NB: Not all methods work on all devices, so you may need to look for information specific to your device.


What side-load methods can I use?

  • Email the app to yourself as an attachment. Then open the email on the android device & open its attachment.
  • Use a web browser on the device to download the app directly, and then open the app on the device. If you will be using this method, this is the page you should browse to.
  • Connect the device to your computer with a cable, and use Google's free ADB tool to install the app.
  • Also using a cable, directly copy the app to a folder on your device. Then use a file-manager app on the device to open it (eg ES File Explorer)
  • Use one of the many programs available on the Internet that are designed to make it easy to side-load apps. EG the adbFire program for Amazon Fire TV. (NB: We recommend you virus-scan any such program, before you use it.)


Why are there different versions of the iBox Android app?

The 'standard' version of the iBox app is intended for devices with a touch interface (eg phones and tablets). But it can also be used on a set-top-box that has a mouse. In this case use the mouse instead of your finger, to control the app. For your convenience we have provided the 2 most recent versions of the Standard app, so you can try both.

The 'TV' version of our app is for set-top-boxes that use a remote control with arrow keys etc. In this case you can use the arrow keys to control the app. We also have an app that's specially optimised for the Amazon Fire TV device.


The 'Android TV' and 'Google TV' versions of the app are designed for Smart TVs that run that operating system, or the newer Chromecast devices.


Do the iBox apps work on every Android set-top-box?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our apps will work on every device. There is a huge number of different devices on the market and its just not possible for us to test them all. The good news is that the app works on most of the devices we have tested. The first thing you should do after side-loading the app is to use it's free-sample feature. This will allow you verify if your device can display our TV streams. Also, the first month of your iBox subscription is free, so you easily cancel it if your device does not work.


Click one of these links to download the app of your choice: